Koinbazar Crypto Exchange Mobile App for iOS Platform

India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Koinbazar, is thrilled to announce the launch of the crypto exchange mobile app, especially for iOS users. We have already introduced the trading app for android users earlier. Now, it’s time for iOS. So, you can download our official koinbazar trading app from the App Store Now!!!

Koinbazar crypto exchange app for iOS is fast, simple, and secure built with an intuitive interface and user-friendly which is similar to our android version. This app is specially made for users who struggle to invest in their favorite digital currencies. This platform makes them simple and more comfortable to handle. Koinbazar always keeps users’ concerns away from it. Our motto is to provide a hassle-free and seamless crypto trading experience to users all over the world. So download the app from the App Store and sign in to get 10,000 Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens instantly into your wallet.

Here, are some of the major features that you can explore in the Koinbazar crypto exchange app for iOS.

1. Instant KYC

Strict KYC validation procedures are followed to permit credible traders in the Koinbazar markets. Our robust and superfast KYC verification system helps to process your KYC instantly within a few minutes of signup. So, users can perform their traders immediately without any delay.

2. Instant INR Deposit & Withdrawal Option

Our platform provides instant INR deposit and withdrawal features with utmost comfort. It is available 24/7. Funds can be easily deposited from your bank account to the Koinbazar wallet instantly in a few seconds. This option helps traders to buy, sell, and trade their favorite cryptocurrencies instantly. And also they can make their profits out of it with instant deposit.

3. Lowest Trading Fee

Trade your digital assets in India’s leading crypto exchange at the lowest trading fee with a high profit in all trades. At a low trading fee, you can place many trades since the trading charge incurred will be very low. It will also help you to increase your profits in crypto.

4. Referral and Reward Program

Maximize your earnings through bonus rewards and free cryptos from our referral program. On every successful referral, the referrer can get 5000 FREE Shiba Inu coins if the referee downloads the app, completes the Signup, links bank account, and KYC verification process. This feature could be the best opportunity to earn passive income.

5. Price Alerts

Turn on the price alerts and you will get an instant notification on how your favorite cryptocurrencies are performing currently in the markets. It works 24×7, throughout the year.

6. Security Protocols

Our platform is enhanced with advanced security features like 2FA, fingerprint access, and passcode. This will help your funds and data to keep secure from hacks. We follow benchmark practices to make Koinbazar, the safest cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Download the Koinbazar app for iOS now, and complete sign in to get 10,000 SHIB coins instantly.